Gay USA 6/18/14 - Free Speech TV

President Obama makes big Pride Month announcement: he will sign long-demanded LGBT rights executive order covering federal contractors. Concern expressed over whether or not it will include the kind of overbroad religious exemption currently being protested in ENDA. As the President speaks to LGBT donors in New York, GET EQUAL protests his deportation of two million. Alabama's anti-sodomy law overturned. Texas Gov. Rick Perry upsets even conservatives with his take on homosexuality. Two out gay federal judges are confirmed on the same day. Terry Gross of NPR tries to pin Hillary Clinton down on why she waited so long to support same-sex marriage. Michael Sam makes the cut. Out gay US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic delivers a strong Pride message and we will show it to you. Iowa's high court overturns conviction of man with HIV who had sex with a condom, but didn't inform his sex partner of his status. Andy reviews "Much Ado about Nothing" in Central Park.

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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