Gay USA 5/27/15 - Free Speech TV

Ireland declared its independence from the Catholic Church, voting overwhelmingly to open marriage to same-sex couples.Could Australia be next?The head of the Boy Scouts says it is time to end the ban on gay Scout masters, but discrimination by troops run by anti-gay religions will be allowed to continue.Alabama is again ordered to license gay couples statewide, but it is on hold until the US Supreme court rules in late June.Michael Sam set to play pro football.A 14-year old transgender boy in Southern California takes his own life despite parental support and connection to support groups.The US Special Envoy for LGBT Rights visits Jamaica.The NY Times profiles a true gay hero, Caleb Orozco of Belize, who is leading a lonely and lengthy legal challenge to the nation’s anti-buggery law.

Another celebrity clarifies his gay past.

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