Gay USA 5/20/15

Anti-gay bills in Texas and Louisiana are killed, but that will not be the end of it. Gov. Bobby Jindal has already struck back.Twenty-one year old London Chanel was murdered in Philadelphia, the eighth transgender woman killed in the United States this year.Gay pioneer William B. Kelley, a Chicago leader since the mid-1960s, has died at 72.Laramie, where Matthew Shepard was murdered in 1998, is the first Wyoming city to enact LGBT rights protections.A Catholic campus minister is fired for standing up for gay rights.The United States condemns the threats by the president of The Gambia to kill gay people.Ireland votes on Friday on same-sex marriage.Michael Johnson in Missouri is convicted of having sex without disclosing his HIV status and faces up to 65 years in prison.Cate Blanchett opens her lesbian-themed film and clarifies her statement about her past relationships with women.

Andy reviews a new play with Simon Callow as a transgender woman, TUESDAYS AT TESCO’S at “Brits off-Broadway” in New York.

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