Gay USA 4/9/14

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK ON "GAY USA" with Ann and Andy: Mississippi's governor signed a "religious liberty" bill to give citizens the right to discriminate if it is based on religious belief. And wait until you hear what they will teach in their new sex ed curriculum. Another marriage equality court win, this time in Ohio. Some famous first daughters say they are for marriage equality as does a former President. The US Supreme Court lets stand a ruling that a New Mexico wedding photographer illegally discriminated when she refused her services to a lesbian couple Nebraska's LGBT rights bill is killed by filibuster. New York's mayor will let religious groups use public schools for regular worship despite courts upholding City policy against it. The Mozilla magillah continues with the resignation of anti-gay CEO Brendan Eich. The design for a stamp honoring Harvey Milk is unveiled. A Miami man disgusted by lesbians burns their trailer down. A glimmer of light from a Russian court. Three gay men have died of meningitis in Los Angeles.

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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