Gay USA 4/8/15 - Free Speech TV

The federal contractors' non-discrimination law took effect this week. It is no longer legal for companies receiving federal contracts to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.After last week's euphoria over the national condemnation of an anti-gay law in Indiana, we come back to earth with a reality check of continuing attacks on LGBT civil rights.Springfield, Missouri voters repeal an LGBT antidiscrimination law. The "fixes" to the bad laws in Indiana and Arkansas are not so great.The Mormon Church is still railing against same-sex marriage and our "counterfeit lifestyles."More bad bills advancing in Louisiana, Florida and Texas.The good news is that bad bills have died (for the moment) in Georgia and Nevada.A lesbian couple in Guam is the first to apply for a marriage license there.Ireland approves adoption by same-sex couples, before the referendum on same-sex marriage on May 22nd.The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is accused by three ex-employees of defrauding the government of $20 million.

And on April 24th, ABC will devote two hours to Diane Sawyer's interview with Bruce Jenner.

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