Gay USA 4/29/15 - Free Speech TV

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK WITH ANN AND ANDY (taped 4/29/15): The Supreme Court hears the same-sex marriage cases. We will discuss the cases with our special guest Evan Wolfson, Founder and President of Freedom to Marry.  For more information, go to: Arkansas’ anti-gay law banning localities from passing human rights laws that go beyond state law may not actually apply to local LGBT rights laws. Anti-LGBT bills advance in Texas, Oklahoma and Michigan. Bruce Jenner comes out—as a Republican woman. LGBT groups protest gay club owners who hosted Ted Cruz and raised funds for anti-gay politicians. Several out gay NY City Council Members are pushing for a massive increase in funding for anti-gay schools. The Pope tells the out gay French ambassador to the Vatican to get lost. A pro-gay decision from the high court in Kenya. Ecuador passes a bill to legalize civil unions for gay couples. 

Andy reviews “Fun Home,” the Broadway musical based on Allison Bechdel’s graphic novel of growing up lesbian in a funeral home with a closeted gay father, and “Nirbhaya,” a searing play at the Culture Project performed by survivors of sexual violence in India.

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