Gay USA 4/23/14

Lots of same-sex marriage cases to update you on. And we'll talk about how the US Supreme Court decision upholding an anti-affirmative action amendment in Michigan might impact same-sex marriage cases. A new book by a New York Times reporter, crediting Chad Griffin of HRC and lawyer Ted Olson for their work on the Prop 8 case as "revolutionaries" in the movement for same-sex marriage, is condemned as a "travesty" by many gay activists and writers. The Boy Scouts of America revoke the charter of a Seattle troop because their troop leader, an Eagle Scout, is an out gay man. The anti-Jewish killer in Kansas City may have killed three men at a gay adult bookstore in 1987 and evaded prosecution. A possible breakthrough in the case of a lesbian couple murdered in Galveston. India's high court will reconsider its reinstatement of the country's anti-sodomy laws. We'll tell you why you may want to stop patronizing Dorchester Hotels around the world. The Catholic bishop of Uganda calls for genocide against gay people and Pope Francis is silent. Alison Bechdel and the cast and creators of the musical "Fun Home," based on her book, perform in Charleston, South Carolina to stand up to a bigot legislator. Pat Sajack gratuitously comes out as straight. In this busy season, Andy saw four plays and Ann one but have none to really recommend.

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