Gay USA 4/2/14 - Free Speech TV

Lots of developments in same-sex marriage cases around the country. The controversy over Mozilla Firefox's anti-gay CEO heats up, Mississippi's legislature passes an Arizona style anti-gay religious liberty bill. BREAKING: And since we taped, the governor has said he will sign it. The Boy Scouts expel a gay Scoutmaster for being out. The "Christian" relief group World Vision reverses itself and will go back to discriminating against employees in gay marriages. A girl with short hair is pushed out of a so-called "Christian" school in Virginia for being too boyish. Oregon woman charged with murdering her 4-year old son because she wanted to beat the gay out of him. Same-sex weddings get underway in England and Wales to great celebration. Thousands of Ugandans rally to celebrate their new anti-gay law. An Australian named "Norrie" won the right to be legally gender neutral. Andy likes Aladdin on Broadway, but takes issue with some of its anti-gay jokes.

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