Gay USA 4/20/16

Big win in federal court for a transgender student in Virginia. And it may be a gift to the besieged North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory.

McCrory continues to try to mitigate the damage his anti-LGBT law is doing, but he won’t go all the way and the boycotts against North Carolina are growing.

Another victory at the Social Security Administration for gay married couples.

Massachusetts’ governor gets booed off stage at LGBT event.

The killer of transgender Islan Nettles in Harlem is sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

Australian telecommunications company reverses course and will not give in to the Catholic hierarchy’s objections to their support for same-sex marriage.

Hillary and Bernie agree to meet with AIDS activists next month.

The Zika virus can be spread by anal sex.

Andy reviews THE FATHER on Broadway: Frank Langella as a man falling into dementia.

And we’ll review the new documentary SOUTHWEST OF SALEM about the San Antonio Four—Latina lesbians falsely and maliciously imprisoned for 15 years for a “crime” that never happened.

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