Gay USA 4/15/15

The White House backs bans on anti-gay “conversion therapy.”The US military has its first open transgender service member but is not treating him as a man.Hillary Clinton’s video announcing her candidacy features a gay couple and a lesbian couple, but what exactly is her stand on same-sex marriage? (Since taping: “Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right," her spokesperson said.)Republican candidates for president twist themselves into knots justifying their opposition to same-sex marriage.Rallies are planned nationwide on April 27 and on April 28 when the Supreme Court will hear arguments on same-sex marriage. For where and when, go to: www.unitedformarriage.orgGuam looks as if it will be the first US territory to allow same-sex marriage.Activists in Springfield, MO rally to protest the repeal of LGBT rights by a narrow popular vote.Indiana pays $2 million to a PR firm to improve its image in wake of being labeled a hate state, but then rejects LGBT rights legislation.Controversy over Michigan Womyn’s Festival exclusion of trans women heats up.Martin Sheen gets ready to play gay again on TV.

Andy reviews London theatre, including shows you can see in US cinemas via National Theatre Live such as Ralph Fiennes in “Man and Superman.” Go to for information. Andy’s full reviews are online at

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