Gay USA 3/9/16

Missouri Democrats filibuster for 39 hours to try to stop an anti-gay constitutional amendment from going to the ballot—a noble effort that ultimately failed.In Georgia, Republican Gov. Nathan Deal gives religious reasons for opposing an anti-gay “religious freedom” bill.The Republican governor of North Carolina, however, calls a special session to subvert LGBT rights in Charlotte.The US Supreme Court reverses Alabama’s refusal to recognize a lesbian adoption.And the Alabama high court ends a suit trying to enforce the state ban on same-sex marriage.In Wisconsin, a candidate for the high court is revealed to have a virulently anti-gay past.A federal court in Puerto Rico restores the island’s ban on same-sex marriage in defiance of the US Supreme Court. BREAKING since we taped: Puerto Rico’s governor said the marriages will continue.A breakthrough for Social Security for surviving same-sex spouses.We’ll remember the record of Nancy Reagan on LGBT and AIDS issues.LGBT rights advance in another Indiana city.Caitlyn Jenner jumps the shark and praises Ted Cruz.Things get worse in Indonesia and a little bit better in Colombia.Andy reviews Forest Whitaker in Eugene O’Neill’s “Hughie” on Broadway and “Red Speedo” off-Broadway about the price of winning.

“The Real O’Neals,” about a Catholic family with a teen gay son, premiers on ABC-TV.

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