Gay USA 3/4/15 - Free Speech TV

The Alabama Supreme Court engages in massive resistance, ordering county probate judges to cease licensing same-sex marriages.In Nebraska, a federal judge rules the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.Texas will try to ban local LGBT rights laws, undoing protections for more than seven million people compliments of a Republican bigot with a gay activist son.Anti-gay legislation advanced in North Carolina, West Virginia and Oklahoma. There are more than 30 such bills in 12 states.Charlotte, NC narrowly defeated its LGBT rights ordinance. And Springfield, Missouri will vote on whether to repeal theirs on April 7.A suspect is finally indicted in the 2013 killing of transwoman Islan Nettles in Harlem.Gay pioneer Rev. Malcolm Boyd has died at 91.Slovenia opens marriage and adoption to same-sex couples, while Russia tries to stop the UN from providing spousal benefits for gay employees.James Lecesne who wrote the Academy Award-winning film “Trevor” has an exciting new solo show about a gay youth in a small town. James and director Tony Speciale will be our guests on GAY USA next week. The show is at Dixon Place to March 27, but we expect it to have a life after that. For info on the Dixon Place production, go here

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