Gay USA 3/30/16

North Carolina enacts a draconian anti-LGBT law and the protests from activists, our legal groups, elected officials, and corporations are fast and furious.The Governor of Georgia vetoes a “religious freedom/license to discriminate” bill, but its supporters threaten an override.Nebraska rejects an LGBT rights bill but one is passed in the Wisconsin hometown of Speaker Paul Ryan.Another family-values politician is caught up in a sex scandal.The federal government issues new guidelines for how prisons treat transgender people.We mourn the passing of actress Patty Duke, long a participant in the LGBT & AIDS movements and a courageous voice for those with mental illness.Saudi Arabia ratchets up its attacks on gay people.Catholic bishops in Malawi and the Dominican Republic take brutally anti-gay stances.

We’ll review three Broadway shows: ECLIPSED, BRIGHT STAR, and BLACKBIRD.

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