Gay USA 3/26/14 - Free Speech TV

A federal judge in Michigan overturned that state's ban on same-sex marriage this past Friday, the 14th consecutive court to rule in favor of marriage equality In doing so, the judge demolishes the rightwing testimony by Regnerus attacking gay and lesbian parents. Marriages in Michigan got underway Saturday morning, but Sixth Circuit later stayed the decision. Vice President Joe Biden says that anti-gay cultural norms do not deserve respect. Lesbian wins anti-discrimination suit in NYC against restaurant that led staff in anti-gay prayers The Hobby Lobby case at the Supreme Court looks ominous for women and gay people. The anti-gay head of the Catholic League is given permission to march in NY's LGBT Pride Parade. The out gay Speaker of the Rhode Island House resigns over a mysterious investigation into him by state police. Fred Phelps is dead. San Mateo health officials use fake GRINDR profiles to do AIDS education BREAKING: We reported on this week's show that the Christian relief group World Vision was not going to discriminate against same-sex married couples that had sex. After we taped, the group reversed itself after bullying by evangelical groups.

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