Gay USA 3/25/15


Indiana passes the worst “license to discriminate” bill in the country and some businesses are threatening to leave the state or pull their events from there. BREAKING (after we taped): Gov. Mike Pence set to sign bill Thursday. Call Gov. Pence and let him have it at 317-232-4567

ALSO BREAKING (after we taped): California Attorney General Kamala Harris seeks relief from having to certify the shoot-the-gays "Sodomite Suppression Act" referendum for signature gathering.

We are tracking 80 anti-LGBT bills in 28 states and will give you a progress report.

In Boise, Idaho, a 13-year old transgender girl stands up for her right to use the girl’s restroom.

Oklahoma stops an LGBT ally from putting that on his license plate.

A breakthrough in federal court for transgender people under the Affordable Care Act.

Russia is thwarted at U.N. in attempt to stop benefits for gay spouses of U.N. staff.

Larry Kramer is presented with the first Larry Kramer Award at GMHC. We’ll show you what he had to say. Full video with intros by Joe Mantello and Mark Ruffalo at:

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