Gay USA 3/18/15

OUR GUEST THIS WEEK is Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. She is a native of Utah and will give us her take on the new LGBT rights law that was just enacted there. We’ll discuss whether this compromise with the dominant Mormon Church is good for Utah and for the future of LGBT rights legislation in the United States. We’ll discuss the threat of the rash of anti-gay bills across the country that are part of the backlash against same-sex marriage. We’ll also talk about the prospects for the big same-sex marriage cases before the US Supreme Court this spring and the drafting of comprehensive federal LGBT rights legislation. And Kate will tell us about NCLR’s fight against so-called “conversion therapy” through their Born Perfect project. Learn more about that project and NCLR at www.NCLRights.orgIN THE NEWS THIS WEEK WITH ANN AND ANDY (taped 3/18/15):Progress to report in Iowa, Alabama, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Washington, DC, and East Grand Rapids, MI.Regress to report in Alabama, Florida, and Indiana.Reform Jews elect their first out gay or lesbian leader.The Presbyterian Church opens marriage to same-sex couples as rightwing fundamentalist Christians mobilize to take over the country.Former gay couple Dolce and Gabbana inspire calls for a boycott of their products over their condemnation of gay families and children born through IVF.LGBT groups march in St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston, Washington, DC, and New York for the first time, but New York still bans Irish gay groups from an Irish parade.

Andy reviews Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II in THE AUDIENCE and Kristen Chenoweth in the revival of ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.

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