Gay USA 2/5/14 - Free Speech TV

Wisconsin gay couples file a suit for the right to marry and against a state law that could land them in prison for marrying outside the state Virginia's Governor won't defend the anti-gay marriage law either there as a federal judge hears arguments in one of the challenges to it Indiana's Governor wants to keep a ban on domestic partners in the anti-gay marriage amendment and settle the issue this year Eleven state attorneys general tell the judge in the Nevada marriage case that same-sex marriage is NOT a constitutional right In Chattanooga, anti-gay forces mount a recall of an out City Council member because he is... PRO-GAY! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says that City personnel have "a right" to march in uniform in NY's anti-gay St. Patrick's Day Parade. Emergency meeting to respond on Wed., Feb. 12th at 8 pm at NY's LGBT Community Center at 208 W. 13th St. Read our letter to the Mayor here: Update on the gay journalist beaten in midtown Manhattan. He is now charged with assault along with the guy who clocked him and police say it was not a hate crime We have LOTS of stories about the situation for LGBT people in Russia as the Sochi Olympics get underway. If you have the stomach to look at what unleashed neo-Nazis are doing to terrorize gay people in Russia, go to this four-minute video from Human Rights Watch: The IOC says it's OK for athletes to speak out on gay issues if a reporter asks you, then condemns Western leaders for "politicizing" the Olympics Thursday, Feb. 6 at Noon -- As the Sochi Olympics get underway, Queer Nation NY protests against Russian anti-gay laws at Russian consulate on East 91st St. between Fifth Av. and Madison Av. We'll review "Almost Maine" where Andy almost fell on the stage

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