Gay USA 2/3/16

Turmoil in most state legislatures over LGBT rights legislation and anti-LGBT legislation, especially in Indiana. To track bills in your state, go to: PROTECT THY NEIGHBOR EQUALITY FEDERATION Republicans move forward toward the Presidency. Go to Republican Facts: for more informationA big breakthrough for transgender people seeking coverage of gender reassignment surgery.A virulently anti-gay church in Harlem could be transformed into a shelter for homeless LGBT youth.The NYC schools finally get a point person on LGBT issues.Minister who helped an ex-lesbian abduct her daughter from her former partner will go to prison.Alarming news on how the Mormon condemnation of same-sex marriage and the exclusion of children of gay parents from baptism has affected LGBT Mormons.An 82-year old gay veteran finally gets an honorable discharge.India’s Supreme Court will reconsider its decision to reinstate the country’s ban on sodomy.A Chinese male couple suing for the right to marry has their kissing picture in the New York Times censored in Pakistan.A rise in meth use by gay men in NY threatens gains in reducing HIV infection.Bill Maher abandons science and promotes quack AIDS doctor on his show.

And, no, Queen Latifah did NOT come out at the SAG-AFTRA Awards.

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