Gay USA 2/19/14

Uganda's president declares "war" on gays and will sign the draconian anti-gay law. In Nigeria where such a law is already in effect, mob attacks on gay people are on the rise. The President of Gambia wants us exterminated like mosquitoes. Virginia is for lovers. Federal judge strikes down ban on same-sex marriage. Indiana now can't vote on whether to ban same-sex marriage in their constitution until at least 2016. The Kansas House passes an anti-gay bill to rival the one in Russia—so bad that Republicans in their Senate have put a stop to it. There's a growing movement for a bill in Idaho to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. Progress for a transgender woman in Texas seeking to inherit her late husband's estate. Suspect in arson attack on Seattle gay club told friend that gays should be exterminated like roaches. In Sochi, an Italian transgender activist is detained for speaking out for LGBT rights as are some members of Pussy Riot. Actor Ellen Page of "Juno" fame comes out. We have the first out lesbian or gay contestant on American Idol. Andy reviews a new play on 9-11 and Caryl Churchill's latest, "Love and Information."

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