Gay USA 1/7/15

OUR GUEST THIS WEEK IS MICHAEL MUSTO, the great columnist and commentator, joining us at the top of the show on the eve of the Golden Globe Awards to dish the many gay-themed films this year and the controversies around them—including PRIDE and THE IMITATION GAME and FOXCATCHER—as well as his take on the TV movie about Whitney Houston (airing January 17 on Lifetime) and her relationship with Robyn Crawford. Same-sex marriages get underway in Florida……though a few counties have found a new way to show how much they hate us. Former Florida Governor Jed Bush’s comments on the developments in Florida are greeted with contempt. This is a big week in the courts for the right to marriage equality. The suicide of a transgender girl sparks a nationwide debate about what should be done to prevent these tragedies. A gay couple in Denver finds a unique way to respond to homophobia. We’ll remember former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s legacy on gay and AIDS issues. In a first, a transgender woman is elected a mayor of a town in India. The movie PRIDE is marketed in the US with a closeted campaign.

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