Gay USA 12/9/15

GUESTS THIS WEEK are poet and performance artist Staceyann Chin, who is starring in “MotherStruck!” at the Culture Project, and her director, award-winning actress/director Cynthia Nixon. In “MotherStruck!” Staceyann, born in Jamaica and long a resident of Brooklyn, takes us on her epic quest for lesbian motherhood in a powerful, insightful and often hilarious performance. We will hear how these two great talents got together and about the art that they create as well as their activism for social justice for LGBT people, women, housing, and immigrants.One of the victims of the attack in San Bernardino was a gay man, Daniel Kaufman, who may have saved four other lives through his selfless actions.Donald Trump stokes the war on terror by declaring war on Muslims.Transgender icon of the 1970s, Holly Woodlawn, of Andy Warhol’s Factory has died.Rhode Island will treat anti-transgender discrimination in the provision of health care as sex discrimination.Activists rally for the transgender woman brutally beaten outside her home in Jackson Heights, Queens.A tentative settlement over a transgender girl’s use of the girl’s locker room in a Cook County high school. .Texas will have to pony up more than $600,000 to lawyers who sued them for marriage equality.Ireland bans discrimination against gay teachers in Catholic schools while New York City moves to subsidize anti-gay religious schools with no demands for non-discrimination.Two big boosts for PrEP in the fight against HIV infection this week.

Andy reviews Al Pacino in David Mamet’s “China Doll” and celebrates another Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS "Gypsy of the Year" competition.

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