Gay USA 1/29/14

Virginia's new Democratic Attorney General announces he will not defend the state's unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage The vote in the Indiana House on moving a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage to the ballot this November is close In the Ivory Coast, an LGBT rights group has its offices ransacked by a mob, a Nigerian court trying men for homosexuality is attacked by an anti-gay mob, but in Kenya, a beloved author comes out In India, the Supreme Court refuses to review its decision reinstating the laws criminalizing gay sex. Now only the parliament can change them. The Mayor of Sochi, Russia says there are no gay people in his town Queer Nation NY will demonstrate outside the Russian consulate in NY on Thursday, Feb. 6 at noon to say, "Gaybashing is not an Olympic sport." Join us on East 91st St. off Fifth Av. Robert de Niro has done a new documentary on his gay father We'll review the weddings at the Grammy Awards We'll review a new Irish play on Broadway with Debra Messing, a Brecht play with Justin Vivian Bond and Stephen Spinella, and a new play on two of the founders of the NAACP

Gay USA LGBT Rights NAACP Robert DeNiro

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