Gay USA 1/28/15

Turn out the lights. A federal judge ordered Alabama to open marriage to gay couples. And then she did it again. An out Alabama legislator is threatening retaliation against so-called “family values” colleagues who themselves are threatening massive resistance to marriage equality. The Mormons act as if they are for LGBT rights, but propose a dangerous catch. An Arizona woman wins a landmark decision dismissing her arrest for walking while transgender. Saks department stores back down in their challenge to the right of transgender people to sue for discrimination. The fire chief of Atlanta, fired for pushing an anti-gay, anti-woman gospel, files a suit saying he was discriminated against based on his religion. President Obama went to visit anti-gay foreign leaders and all we got was this stupid t-shirt. We’ll talk about a new gay way to fight off Alzheimer’s. Andy reviews Turgenev’s A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY starring Peter Dinklage and Taylor Schilling.

Gay USA LGBT Rights Trans Rights

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