Gay USA 12/31/13

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK ON "GAY USA" with Ann and Andy: Utah was ordered by a federal judge to open marriage to same-sex couples and many did marry And New Mexico's Supreme Court rules that while state law did limit marriage to opposite sex couples, that limit is unconstitutional and gay couples must be allowed to marry Catholic high school students from all over Seattle spill into the streets to demand that a gay vice-principal be reinstated and that the Archdiocese support same-sex marriage All three statewide officials in Virginia are now pro-gay and some immediate protections for LGBT people are imminent Uganda and Nigeria pass draconian anti-gay laws, including—in Uganda—life in prison for participating in a same-sex wedding Robin Roberts of ABC News makes it official, coming out and acknowledging her partner of ten years Andy can finally review the Scottish play And we'll give you our take on the "Duck Dynasty" controversy

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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