Gay USA 12/30/14

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK WITH ANN AND ANDY (taped 12-30-14): It looks as if same-sex marriages will go forward in Florida on January 6, though the anti-gay State Attorney General is still arguing against them. The Fifth Circuit will take up same-sex marriage cases from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas on January 9. The Salt Lake Tribune names its Utahns of the Year: clip_image002.jpg A Republican member of Congress embraces her transgender son. See the video here A blow to phony religious liberty claims by anti-gay discriminators in Rhode Island The persecution of LGBT people across Africa—in Egypt, Gambia, and Uganda—intensifies. We will introduce you to a seven-part film on the struggles of a transgender woman in Uganda, “Pearl of Africa” Eminem “comes out” in a controversial new movie. The author of the story “Brokeback Mountain” says she sometimes regrets having written it.

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