Gay USA 12/23/15 - Free Speech TV

Chris Cooper is in for Andy this weekA stunning decision by a Massachusetts court may stop religious organizations from firing so many LGBT people.An out lesbian Air Force Major, and longtime activist for Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal, is killed in Afghanistan.Caitlyn Jenner takes her posse to Houston. Their meeting with an anti-gay, anti-trans pastor causes outrage.Convictions in hate crime cases in NYC and Philadelphia.The right wing in California fails to get enough signatures to put an anti-transgender "bathroom bill" on the ballot.The new Kentucky Governor orders clerks' names off marriage licenses--maybe illegally.Slovenia vote kills same-sex marriages, but Greece okays registered partnerships, and a gay man in China has a novel argument in his lawsuit for marriage rights.The FDA amends its' rules on blood donations by men who have sex with men.Chris Cooper reviews a lot of movies.And ABC has commissioned an 8-part mini-series on LGBT history.

Next week: an hour with a panel of transgender women

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