Gay USA 1/22/14

A federal appeals court makes a momentous ruling, saying a potential juror may not be excluded on the basis of sexual orientation but, more importantly, extending a high level judicial review-- "heightened scrutiny"—to cases of discrimination against gays and lesbians The Oregon Labor Board rules that a baker illegally discriminated against a same-sex couple seeking a wedding cake that he did not want to do for religious reasons. Wait until you hear some of the orders he DID fulfill. The out lesbian mayor of Houston marries her longtime partner—in Palm Springs! Utah gets a 7-day extension from the 10th Circuit in its appeal of an order to let same-sex couples marry. The ACLU sues Utah to recognize those couples already legally married NOW. The Methodists are lining up more pastors to defrock for their affirmation of same-sex marriage An 18-year old gay porn star is suspended from his Florida high school, then reinstated after protests The persecution of gay people in Nigeria intensifies, while the president of Uganda balks at the anti-gay bill—seeking compromise Vladimir Putin repeatedly gets asked about gay issues by the international press corps We'll review the Carole King musical on Broadway and a revival of "Machinal"

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