Gay USA 12/18/13 - Free Speech TV

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK ON "GAY USA" with Ann and Andy: The United States won't send any high level officials in our delegations to the Sochi Olympics, though there are at least two out lesbians and a couple of closet cases A multitude of federal agencies advance coverage for legally married same-sex couples More legal same-sex marriages in Illinois, but you have to have a terminal illness to jump the gun The Advocate magazine reaches a new low in naming Pope Francis its Person of the Year. We'll tell you who is far more deserving of honor this year. In India, 40 cities see protests against the Supreme Court's reinstatement of anti-sodomy laws and actions are held in solidarity with LGBT Indians around the world A Moscow gay bar is assaulted and vandalized by a mob of 100 anti-gay thugs The White House gives five reasons why the Affordable Care Act is good for LGBT folks Andy starts listing his ongoing top ten theatre picks in New York and environs. See end of this e-mail each week for the list.

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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