Gay USA 12/11/13 - Free Speech TV

We pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and look at his impact on LGBT and AIDS issues The Supreme Court of India reinstates the anti-sodomy laws that were overturned by a lower court in 2009 Another gay teacher at a Catholic school is fired for getting married to a same-sex partner, this time in Pennsylvania A baker in Colorado loses his fight not to make a wedding cake for a gay couple Only ONE state is still resisting registration of members of their National Guard for same-sex spousal benefits A federal court in Utah hears the challenge to the state's ban on same-sex marriage Elton John at his Moscow concert speaks out against the Russian anti-gay laws as President Putin cracks down on press freedom and sets up cages for protestors in Sochi The IOC threatens athletes about political statements in Sochi Our UN Ambassador Samantha Power speaks out for LGBT rights at UN forum Gay couples are legally married in Australia's capital territory Korea's high court slams the restrictive rating given to a gay-themed film Bad news on AIDS: the Boston patients who got bone marrow transplants have NOT gotten rid of their virus Andy reviews "No Man's Land" with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and the Gypsy of the Year competition for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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