Gay USA 11/27/13 - Free Speech TV

IN THE NEWS THIS WEEK ON "GAY USA" with Ann and Andy: The Supreme Court takes a religious freedom case that could threaten LGBT rights A federal judge rules that one lesbian couple in Illinois can marry now, ahead of the June 1 start date for everyone else The rights of domestic partners are acknowledged by the Ninth Circuit federal appeals court The Texas National Guard will no longer fight spousal benefits for same-sex couples The new California law protecting transgender students looks as if it could be safe from a referendum, but the scrutinizing of the signatures is not final IKEA pulls a lesbian-themed story from its Russian promotional magazine The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecologists has reversed its barring of its members from treating anal cancer in men The Vatican still trying to stop gay love World AIDS Day is marked around the world December 1 Alec Baldwin blames gay fundamentalists for his downfall Andy reviews an all-male "Richard III" on Broadway from Shakespeare's Globe, "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder," and Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in "Waiting for Godot"

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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