Gay USA 11/13/13

Hawaii has opened marriage to same-sex couples through legislation and the weddings will begin on December 2nd The Illinois marriage bill will be signed Nov. 20 and go into effect June 1—unless the legislature can make it happen sooner in the next session or a court case can be resolved One Illinois representative left the deathbed of her son to make the trip to Springfield to vote for the bill The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) was passed by the US Senate with dim prospects in the House and a controversial religious exemption that the ACLU hopes to remove A transgender student in Oakland is set on fire on a bus for wearing a skirt New Jersey's law banning so-called gay conversion therapy for minors is upheld in federal court The President of the American Bar Association withdraws from speaking at a NY conference on investing in Russia under pressure from gay leaders. (See letter from Russian LGBT and progressive groups at the end of this e-mail calling for action around the world to end the anti-gay laws in Russia.) The Prime Minister of Ireland comes out for same-sex marriage The Prime Minister of Luxembourg is out -- the third out gay head of state in Europe The First Lady of Zambia comes out for LGBT rights in a country where gay expression is illegal Andy reviews the great Michael Gambon and Eileen Atkins in a Samuel Beckett play in New York (see his full Gay City News review here: and a new play about politics in Texas

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