Gay USA 11/11/15

President Obama comes out for the Equality Act, our new federal LGBT rights bill.The Mormon Church tells the children of gay parents that they cannot be baptized.In Iowa, a transgender woman traveling to a funeral is locked up for eight days when staff at a Drury Inn falsely accuse her of being a sex worker.A school district in New Mexico makes a transgender girl “beyond happy.”The governor-elect of Kentucky promises to help Kim Davis, while the Sixth Circuit slaps her down.Progress in Colombia for LGBT parents.Slovenia will vote on same-sex marriage on December 20.The Ukrainian parliament votes to block gay rights protections even if it means less free travel for Ukrainians in Europe.Californians may vote next year on whether actors in adult films must use condoms.NYC’s PEP hotline is back.

Andy reviews Keira Knightley in THERESE RAQUIN and Tim Pigott-Smith in KING CHARLES III.

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