Gay USA 10/7/15 - Free Speech TV

Give the pope some credit: he kisses gay people before he screws them.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden make their pitches to HRC for the LGBT vote. Bernie Sanders was not invited. To see the speeches in full, go to

An anti-gay bill dies in North Carolina.

A transgender victory over Hobby Lobby in Illinois.

Another murder of a transgender woman of color in Philadelphia and of a gay man in Detroit.

Another family values politician goes down in a sex scandal.

We’ll tell you why the advancing TPP is bad for LGBT.

Illinois takes a novel approach to STI prevention: cutting off funding to county health departments for it.

Andy finally saw the movie STONEWALL and we both saw FREEHELD with Julianne Moore and Ellen Page as a lesbian couple. NOTE: Next week’s guest is Cynthia Wade who won the Academy Award for her documentary FREEHELD and co-produced this dramatic film.

And SPRING AWAKENING is back on Broadway in a unique production led by deaf actors.

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