Gay USA 10/30/13

Happy Halloween! Marriage equality legislation moves forward in Hawaii The Massachusetts court decision opening marriage to gay couples is ten years old. We will hear from the architects of that victory. A former Supreme Court Justice performs a same-sex wedding inside the court building The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is headed for a US Senate vote before Thanksgiving with all Democrats now on board—and with its overbroad religious exemption still in it In Omaha, a straight guy takes a beating defending his gay friends In Chicago, a gay couple thrown out of a cab for kissing is suing the cab company At a forum in New York with Moscow officials on investing in Russia, one participant shouts, "Gays will be the death of Russia!" Legendary out gay journalist, activist and politico Doug Ireland dies at 67 Lou Reed, who brought bisexuality to rock and influenced many, has died at 71 We review Mary-Louise Parker in "The Snow Geese" and two shows on Broadway based on movies--John Grisham's "A Time to Kill," and "Big Fish" on Broadway as well as "Bridegroom" on Oprah's TV network And Sean Hayes apologizes for taking so long to come out


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