Gay USA 10/28/15

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spar over their histories of support for LGBT rights.The Catholic bishops meeting in Rome basically say gay people are still going to hell. The final word is left to the pope, but advocates are not expecting any big changes.LGBT rights in Houston are on the ballot in this election. Find out how you can help here: www.TheNEAT.orgGus Kenworthy, the world’s greatest freeskier, comes out.California is the first state to allow gender reassignment surgery for prisoners.New York’s Gov. Cuomo takes executive action to cover transgender rights.An anti-gay Republican in Indiana uses a gay male hook-up site—and not for campaigning.The Mormon Church says Kim Davis should do her job.The US State Department denies a visa to an intersexed person for not checking male or female on the form. Lambda Legal is suing.A setback for the recognition of gay relationships in Italy.Andy reviews TRIP OF LOVE, the songs of the ‘60s, and DAMES AT SEA.

Guest: MARK SEGAL, a Stonewall participant and co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front in 1969. He founded the Philadelphia Gay News in 1976. He will talk about his new memoir, “And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality,” about his life from growing up in public housing to building public housing—the magnificent LGBT-friendly John C. Anderson Apartments in Philadelphia.

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