Gay USA 10/22/14

A federal judge in Puerto Rico upholds the ban on same-sex marriage there… …but same-sex marriage began in still more states this past week and lots of our viewers are getting married—or trying to. And there is some resistance from officials and the rightwing in some states. Catholic bishops reject softening their bigoted stance against homosexuality at a synod with the Pope. Who is in charge at the Vatican? US elections are on November 4th. We’ll talk about how to get out the vote. Progress in barring federal contractors from engaging in anti-LGBT discrimination. LGBT advocates call on US Attorney General Eric Holder to include LGBT in new policy against profiling by law enforcement. A 15-year old boy is gang raped in Kentucky by five men. A horrible story about intimate partner violence in Utah. Philadelphia lesbian leader Gloria Casárez dies at 42. Andy reviews the Pulitzer Prize-winning DISGRACED and the revival of ON THE TOWN on Broadway.

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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