Gay USA 10/15/14

Marriage equality comes to still more states. For up-to-date info, go here The coming US election is shaping up to be devastating for the progress of LGBT rights. We need to get out the vote if we are going to turn that around. Once again, the Vatican tries to soften its rhetoric on gay people but refuses to embrace us as equals. New revelations on homophobia in the Clinton White House as they considered what do about gays in the military as he began his term. The nation’s first out gay reporter at a major daily paper, Joe Nicholson, has died. More anti-transgender violence in New York and in the Philippines, a US Marine is detained in the murder of a transgender woman. High school football players in New Jersey allegedly use forced anal penetration of freshmen players to build team spirit. The perpetrators face sexual assault charges. Same-sex marriages begin in Scotland on Hogmanay. Andy reviews THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT and Terrence McNally’s reworked IT’S ONLY A PLAY with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick on Broadway as well as Billy Porter’s autobiographical WHILE YET I LIVE. (See below for full reviews)

Gay USA LGBT Rights

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