Gay USA 10/14/15 - Free Speech TV

Our guest is Cynthia Wade who won the Academy Award for her documentary FREEHELD about the struggle of a dying lesbian detective, Lt. Laurel Hester, to leave her pension to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree, in Ocean Township, NJ. Cynthia co-produced the new feature film, also called FREEHELD, of the story (in theatres now) starring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Michael Shannon and Steve Carell. Learn more about the documentary here and about Cynthia here

We’ll analyze the Democratic presidential debate.

An arrest in the murder of transgender woman Keisha Jenkins in Philadelphia.

We mourn the loss of Puerto Rican lesbian activist Mirka Negroni and Argentinian transgender activist Diane Sacayan is found murdered.

Kansas gives up on trying to stop recognizing both parents in same-sex couples on the birth certificates of their kids.

A college basketball coach comes out.

We’ll show you how teachers in some cities are making schools safer for LGBT students.

Out Sen. Tammy Baldwin wants an investigation into an anti-gay witch hunt in the 1950s.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs a slew of bills advancing LGBT rights.

The leader of the Isle of Man comes out publicly.

The French give up on trying to send an ambassador to the Vatican after the pope rejects the gay diplomat they nominated for the post.

Andy has warnings about three new shows. But we liked the new documentary “Tab Hunter Confidential”

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