Democracy Now! 8/26/16

Headlines for August 26, 2016; Vijay Prashad: Turkey's Offensive Against ISIS & Press Crackdown is Really Just War on Kurds; Regime Change in Libya Mirrors Iraq: Both Efforts Led to Failed States & Destabilized Region; Vijay Prashad: Hillary Clinton Shows Dangerous Tendency to Go to War No Matter the Consequences; Yemen & Palestine: Vijay Prashad on the Two "Ruthless" Bombing Campaigns; Vijay Prashad on India's Crackdown in Kashmir: "If This is Not an Occupation, What Else is It?"; "Cataclysmic Carousel of Greed": Oscar-Winning Actress Emma Thompson on Oil Drilling in Arctic; Actress Emma Thompson: Donald Trump is a White Nationalist Like Brexit Politician Nigel Farage

Amy Goodman Democracy Now!

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