Democracy Now! 7/18/16 - Free Speech TV

Headlines for July 18, 2016; Three Police Officers Shot Dead in Baton Rouge Two Weeks After Officers Killed Alton Sterling; Cornel West: Justice and Accountability are Necessary to End Tension over Killings by Police; Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party's Jill Stein Over "Neoliberal Disaster" Hillary Clinton; Many Who Opposed Coup in Turkey Came Out in Support of Democratic Process, not the President; "My Heart Aches": Sen. Nina Turner, from Family of Police Officers, Responds to Baton Rouge Attack; Kurdish Activist: Erdogan Should Be Pushed Out, But by the People, Not the Military; Medea Benjamin: Why Is Government Downplaying Saudi-9/11 Docs After Keeping Them Secret for Years?; Meet the RNC Activists Questioned by Authorities Ahead of This Week's Convention; Dozens of Companies Withdraw Funding from RNC as Trump Headed to Nomination

Amy Goodman Democracy Now! Policing

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