Democracy Now! 4/19/16 - Free Speech TV

Headlines for April 19, 2016; "The American People are on Our Side": Immigration Advocates Bullish on SCOTUS Immigration Case; Jose Antonio Vargas: There's Nothing More American Than Fighting for Immigration Reform; Rep. Luis Gutiérrez: U.S. Exceeding King George III's Despotism in Current Treatment of Puerto Rico; Rep. Luis Gutiérrez on "Hamilton" Pulitzer: When We Get to Write, the Script is Very Different; Millions of New Yorkers Disenfranchised from Primaries Thanks to State's Restrictive Voting Laws; As Anti-LGBT Laws Sweep U.S., How Did GOP-led Utah Pass a Landmark Nondiscrimination Bill?; Will the Mormon Church Take Over The Salt Lake Tribune, Silencing an Independent Voice?

Democracy Now! Free Speech TV

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