Democracy Now! - 3/2/16

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"With hate-spewing Donald Trump closer than ever to the Republican nomination for President, it’s time to get real about a Basta Trump campaign," writes Democracy Now! co-host Juan González in his new Daily News column. He discusses how leaders among the more than 50 million U.S. Latinos recently announced a major voter registration drive ahead of the November election. The Spanish-language network Univision has unveiled plans to use all of its radio and television stations to register 3 million new voters. González notes no one is angrier at Trump right now than young Latinos, who most feel the damage from his months of anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican rhetoric.

The biggest voting day of the presidential primary race was a big victory night for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump, who each won in seven states and gained a majority of delegates. Democrat Bernie Sanders won four, including his home state of Vermont. Republican Senator Ted Cruz also won his home state of Texas, along with Oklahoma and Alaska. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio scored his first victory in the race in Minnesota. Republican John Kasich came in second in Vermont, and Ben Carson had no wins. We play highlights from the candidates’ Super Tuesday speeches and host a roundtable discussion about the race to the White House with Donna Murch, associate professor of history at Rutgers University, whose recent article in New Republic is "The Clintons’ War on Drugs: When Black Lives Didn’t Matter"; Hans Noel, associate professor of government at Georgetown University and the co-author of "The Party Decides," whose new piece for The New York Times is called "Why Can’t the G.O.P. Stop Trump?"; and James Peterson, director of Africana studies and associate professor of English at Lehigh University.

Senator Ted Cruz was victorious in his home state of Texas on Super Tuesday, reports our guest Andrea Grimes, who has led political coverage at The Texas Observer and also covers women’s health. She says the turnout was impacted by vote suppression and "serious gerrymandering." This comes as many reproductive rights activists head to protests outside the Supreme Court today during oral arguments on a Texas law that has forced the closure of all but 10 abortion clinics. "If things don’t go in the direction of Whole Woman’s Health, we really could be seeing a wave of draconian anti-abortion legislation taking place across the United States," Grimes says. She also discusses the state’s new "open carry" law that allows students with weapons permits to bring guns on campus and which goes into effect later this year ahead of the fall semester. We’re also joined by Donna Murch, associate professor of history at Rutgers University.

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