Democracy Now! 11/9/16 - Free Speech TV

Headlines for November 09, 2016; From the First African-American President to One Supported by the Ku Klux Klan: Trump Wins in Upset; A Divided Nation: As Trump Wins Electoral College, Clinton Wins Popular Vote; Just Like After Reconstruction, Trump Vote Highlights White Backlash to Recent Racial Progress; What Happens Now to the Millions of Immigrants Facing Possible Deportation Under Trump?; How Do We Explain to Young People We Have a Sexist, Racist Islamophobe in the White House?; Allan Nairn: Did the FBI Hand the Election to Donald Trump?; Trump Biographer Wayne Barrett on Donald Trump's Shocking Rise to the White House; In Victory for Immigrants' Rights Activists, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Loses Re-election in Arizona; If Bernie Won Democratic Primary, Would We Now Be Looking at a Sanders Presidency?; What Led to Trump’s Victory? From Racial Fear to Economic Populism; "It Might Not Be Good for America, But It's Good for Us": How the Media Got Rich on Trump's Rise; Lee Fang: Donald Trump Recruits Corporate Lobbyists to Select His Future Administration; In Trump White House, Will Mike Pence Become the Most Powerful Vice President in History?

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