Democracy Now! 04-15-2016

On todays episode of Democracy Now!

In their most contentious debate of the campaign, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders met in Brooklyn, New York, last night, days ahead of Tuesday’s crucial New York primary. Sanders is hoping to pull a major upset in New York and keep his streak of victories alive. He has won eight of the last nine contests. But Hillary Clinton, who served six years as a senator from New York, maintains a lead in the polls. On Thursday, they sparred over Wall Street, saving Social Security, Israel, guns and more.

During Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton questioned Bernie Sanders’ judgment and how prepared he is to be president, citing his recent interview with the New York Daily News editorial board. Clinton said Sanders had trouble "answering questions," including one about his core issue, breaking up the banks. But is that true? Daily News columnist Juan González took part in the paper’s interviews with both Sanders and Clinton.

During Thursday’s debate, Bernie Sanders repeated his assertion that Israel used disproportionate force during its 2014 assault on Gaza that killed nearly 1,500 Palestinian civilians. "If we are ever going to bring peace to that region, which has seen so much hatred and so much war, we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity," Sanders said. "I believe the United States and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the Palestinian people. That does not make me anti-Israel."

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