The Washington Post NAILS Hannity For Lying About Trump Rescuing Marines

Sean Hannity told a massive lie to make Donald Trump look like a hero and he got busted for it by real journalists.

In May, the Fox News host published an article on his website claiming that the Republican nominee sent his planes to give transportation home to 200 United States Marines who were stranded at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in 1991 after they returned from the Gulf War. Trump even touted the story of his supposed generosity and heroics.

“The Trump campaign has confirmed to that Mr. Trump did indeed send his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami, Florida to transport over 200 Gulf War Marines back home,” Hannity bragged.

Not so fast, says the Washington Post.

According to WAPO, not only is Trump fibbing about sending HIS plane to help the Marines, he had absolutely nothing to do with helping the troops.

As usual, Hannity relied on a source who passed along rumors that Trump sent his plane to pick up the Marines. Cpl. Ryan Stickney told a story that he heard from someone else that “Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us.”

WAPO noted, however, that Trump’s private plane was certainly not involved because it was the wrong color and only had enough seats for 24 people. Basically, Trump’s own plane would have had to make ten trips or he would have to have owned ten planes. And let’s face it, Trump’s not that rich.

In fact, it was a pair of Boeing 727s from Trump’s failed airline with a capacity of 130 seats each that came to save the day and those had already been contracted out to the military long before they were needed at Camp Lejeune.

“It turns out when Trump bought the shuttle (Trump Shuttle) from Eastern Airlines, he made a bad deal, accepting an additional five planes instead of a lower purchase price because the market had turned south,” The Post reports. “So some of those extra planes were contracted out to the U.S. military to ferry personnel in the United States during Operations Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-1991.”

So Trump is taking credit for something he had no part of and Hannity is lying in order to make the candidate he backs look good.

WAPO even spoke to Lt. General Vernon Kondra, the man in charge of all airlift operations, and he didn’t hesitate to swat down the claim that Trump personally came to the rescue.

In conclusion, WAPO slammed Hannity for not doing his homework and for reporting rumors as facts and gave Trump the maximum number of Pinocchios.

Thus far, Hannity has not thrown a temper tantrum about being outed as liar, but stay tuned. It’s likely he may very well do so since he has a problem with facts and the real journalists who report them.

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