U.S. Nazi Party Leader: Trump’s Campaign Is A ‘Real Opportunity’ For White Nationalist

More proof that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is helping the fascist arm of the right-wing has just come in. During the July broadcast of his radio program, Rocky Suhayda, the chairman of the American Nazi Partydeclared that Trump’s campaign is a “real opportunity for people like white nationalists.”

Not only does Suhayda think that Trump presents an opportunity to build new, politically active white nationalist coalitions, he also believes that Trump will win the election in November for “various reasons.” Suhayda believes that the “enemy” is in for a real surprise:

Suhayda then goes on to say that it is time for an American Nazi political caucus to form in Congress. He also urges his followers to adopt the guise of being “pro-white” rather than overtly racist against minorities.

Trump has received support from the worst-of-the-worst within the white nationalist and white supremacist movements. It’s ridiculous to think that Trump might actually win the presidency this November. Poll after poll shows Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton winning the election. That being said, Trump’s campaign itself is being used as a “conversation starter” for the KKK to recruit new members, according to the Washington Post.

Trump’s campaign is dangerous for the United States. Republicans who support him are supporting white supremacist movements. Well, more so than they already tacitly do through racist policy decisions. November is fast approaching and it is time for Republicans across the United States to dump Trump and the fascist factions of the far right that support him.

You can listen to the radio broadcast below.

This post originally appeared on AddictingInfo.org.

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