Trump Doubles Down, Says Obama LITERALLY Created ISIS

After a completely unhinged speech in Florida in which Trump claimed President Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founder and co-founder of the terrorist group ISIS, the media rightfully hounded him for his stupidity.

And what did he do? He doubled down, this time using literal terms.

When Hugh Hewitt, on his conservative talk-radio show, tried to clarify Trump’s statement, the Republican presidential nominee doubled down and told the host that Barack Obama, in his official capacity as President of the United States, literally created ISIS:

And just like that, Trump resorted back to his typical dog whistle insanity that won him the nomination of the crazy party. In Hewitt’s defense, he did warn Trump that such comments would welcome even more media scrutiny that would hurt his chances of winning over independent voters.

But Trump doesn’t care. He says he’s made “no mistake” in pinning the “founder” label on President Obama.

Politifact fact-checked two claims from Donald Trump when he tried to tie Clinton and Obama to ISIS exclusively, and both times it was discovered Trump was – shocker – a big fat liar.

Regardless, facts are no match for the red-meat politics Trump likes to throw to his rabid supporters.

Luckily no one is believing him, and no matter how much he tries to push the narrative, he can’t get out of the 40 percent zone with polling.

Democrats are loving the Trump implosion. It seems nothing he does can distract from the sheer stupidity that comes out of his mouth.

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