Republican Congressman Rejects Trump In Scathing Open Letter, Will Vote For Hillary

The GOP tent continues to get smaller as the first House Republican has decided to vote for Hillary Clinton against the divisive Donald Trump. 

New York GOP Rep. Richard Hanna, unlike many of his Republican colleagues, has a conscience. Therefore, he can’t hold his nose and support the Republican nominee.

Many Republicans continue to support Trump even though he has made blatantly racist comments and preached hate on the campaign trail. But Hanna has had enough.

In an open letter written for, Hanna ripped Trump:

Then Hanna slammed the Republican Party for alienating a large swath of Americans while becoming incapable of nominating a candidate who is electable:

Hanna went on to call Trump “deeply flawed” and blasted him for the way he has treated John McCain and for the way he is treating Humayun Khan’s family now. Hanna is ashamed that his party continues to still support Trump even though he is insulting military families and veterans across the country.

And that why he is throwing his support – and most importantly, his vote -to Hillary Clinton.

Now that one Republican in Congress has the balls to vote for Hillary in rejection of Trump, how many others will do the same?

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