Read Gabby Giffords’ Beautiful Letter In Solidarity With Democratic Sit-In

When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011, Congress refused to act. Knowing it could happen to any of them at any time wasn’t enough to spar action. When 20 children were killed in their classrooms at Sandy Hook in 2012, Congress did nothing. Knowing their own kids could be next, they still decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

Then Orlando happened. The worst mass shooting in American history, and still no action from the GOP-controlled Congress.

So Democrats decided to do a classic sit-in. Walk in, sit down, and refuse to leave until something, anything, was done to curb America’s gun violence epidemic. Dozens of Democratic lawmakers are standing their ground on the House floor and refuse to budge, even as the House adjourns for a weeks long recess.

Giffords, who is no longer a member of Congress, has written an open letter of solidarity with her former colleagues:

In an emotional tribute, Gifford’s best friend, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, read the letter to her House colleagues in the well of the House, as Republicans sat in their offices, contemplating what to do next.

Fixing America’s violent obsession with guns has become Giffords’ life mission. Along with her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, Giffords and thousands of parents of children lost to gun violence are rising up and taking on the NRA head by storm. Unmoved by temporary setbacks (at the hands of cowardly Republican Senators), the mobilization of Giffords’ efforts is gaining traction all across the country, with Democrats and Republicans alike who agree on one thing – no brainer gun reform: stricter background checks, no fly no buy, and no weapons for abusers and haters.

While the Republicans close the doors, shut off the lights and collect their NRA checks, Democrats stand firm and stand with the people.

We all stand in solidarity with Giffords, House Democrats, and the millions of people affected by gun violence here in the United States and abroad.

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