President Obama Wants You To Vote So Badly He’s Ready To Make History To Do It

President Obama has officially endorsed the idea to make a national holiday set aside just for voting, in order to ensure that more Americans have the free time to exercise one of their greatest freedoms and responsibilities.

A Rutgers student journalist from The Daily Targum was at the White House as part of a college journalism program. While he was there, he requested a one-on-one interview with President Obama and the president was happy to oblige.

During the interview, Obama was asked about the relatively dismal voter turnout in America, compared to other countries.

President Obama’s response was nothing short of historic. A portion of the interview is below:

President Obama has made it clear for a long time now, that he would really like to do some things to increase political engagement among Americans. He’s already said he was on board with making voting mandatory, but this was his first yet endorsement of a national holiday to facilitate it.

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